I am Cretinous Pleb
I am Cretinous Pleb
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I am Aaron!
My purpose here is to blog, post pictures of myself and things I find funny, make updates about my local band, animations I am working on, and artwork I am drawing!

I play Rhythm guitar and I like to sing, occasionally I perform covers and attempt to write stuff.

I like to do artistic things, and I work on (though rather slowly) flash animations, with voices provided by my friends and I, maybe some people I have found online with voices I like too!

I also game. A lot. It's pretty much the thing I do the most, followed by guitar playing and drawing. Find me on XBL, PSN and Steam under the name Cretinous Pleb :3
Posted on 18th Apr at 12:01 AM, with 1 note

Constantly feel like my best effort is never good enough for the people I care about.

Posted on 16th Apr at 2:16 AM, with 1 note

All I feel is existential nihilism.

It genuinely makes me want to scream.

Posted on 11th Apr at 2:43 AM
I want to create something great

but I lack the fucking patience

Posted on 10th Apr at 6:58 PM
Things went better than expected.

I’m single again so it seems.
We were on the same page and that relieves me.
I hope things go well for her, we decided to stay friends and no one got upset.
It all seems a lot less stressful now.

Posted on 9th Apr at 5:43 PM, with 1 note

If dancing with peppers doesn’t increase the quality of your day, then I pity you

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